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Pineapple Pen Song.

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Zusammenfassung: Viral Videos, also Videos die sich wie ein Virus schnell über die ganze Welt verbreitet haben, kennen wir alle.  In dieser Lektion schauen wir uns 3 Video genauer an und versuchen zu verstehen, was genau sie so faszinierend macht das sie so oft geteilt und angesehen werden.

Lernziel: Artikel, Übungen und Videos um Vokabeln zum Thema Internet, Internetphänomene und Viral Videos zu lernen, dein Leseverstehen zu verbessern und mit den Videos die Lachmuskeln zu trainieren.


Part 1.

Proof that the human race is getting stupider.

Every year there seems to be some crazy song that takes the world (or at least the internet) by storm.  In 2016 it was the Pineapple-Pen song. Now this song literally takes ‘stupid’ to a new level. It basically takes lots of unconnected words and then puts them together to make new words. While this will in no way help you improve your English it will definitely amuse you if you have the sense of humour of a 3 three year old (like me).  Anyway: Enjoy!

Part 2.

Well further proof that some people have way too much time on their hands this next video is basically just a bunch of guys doing tricks with water bottles. Essentially they are just  flipping bottles and have them land perfectly. I wonder how many tries it took? Now I have to admit some of these are pretty impressive but I find that the fact that it’s been viewed almost 50 million times a bit worrying.

Part 3.

This final one is just too ridiculous for words. Now, I’ve got nothing against the woman in the video, she seems really nice, but why on earth is this video so popular? On facebook it was one of the most viewed vides of 2016. Basically it’s just a woman in a Star Wars mask laughing. Totally nuts.

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