Ich habe ein neues Foto gepostet – teile deine Momente auf Instagram

Phone. Photo Courtesy of Kenny Louie.
Phone. Photo Courtesy of Kenny Louie.

Ein immer beliebteres Mittel um Bilder oder Fotos online mit Freunden oder auch Unbekannten zu teilen ist Instagram. Der kostenlose Online-Dienst ermöglicht das Hochladen von Grafiken, und neuerdings auch kurzen Videos, auf deren Plattform per Handy App. Dabei kannst du auch mit Gleichgesinnten in Kontakt treten oder deinem Lieblingsschauspieler folgen und sehen, was er oder sie mit der Öffentlichkeit teilt. Bist du ebenfalls Mitglied bei Instagram? Selbst wenn du es nicht bist, solltest du in diese Lektion reinschauen und dein Englischvokabular erweitern.

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Instagram is one of the most popular SNS* apps on the market today. Similar to other SNS platforms you can comment on posts and interact with other users, but the primary focus is on pictures. Essentially a user uploads a photo and assigns it into various different categories through the use of ‘hashtags #’ . Then other users with similar interests are able to view their photos. Unlike facebook where you often just interact with people you know from the real world, in instagram interactions are usually based on shared interests. Of course you can just follow your friends or celebrities but the beauty of it in my opinion is how you can form interest based communities. This makes it especially powerful as a marketing tool for businesses. You can easily identify and reach a community that would be interested in your products.

*Social Network Site.



Primary: First. Main.

Example: My primary interest was her safety.


Focus: What you concentrate on. The main thing.

Example: The focus of this book is how to get more customers.


Essentially: Basically.

Example: He was essentially a criminal. It’s just that he was never caught.


To assign (something): To put something in a group etc.

Example: I was assigned to the IT department because I was good with computers.


Interaction: Mixing with other people.

Example: Online interactions are fun but I prefer to actually meet people in real life.


The beauty of…: The thing that is great about (something).

Example: The beauty of travelling alone is that it’s easier to meet new people.


Marketing: Promoting your business.

Example: I do most of my marketing through emails.


To reach people. To get to people.

Example: Blogging is a great way to reach people with your message.




Phone. Photo Courtesy of Kenny Louie.